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The people who are crazy enough to think thay can change the world, are the ones who do

about me

I’m a software engineer living in Tokyo, Japan.I have a passion for developing the artificial intelligence that is the dream of humankind for a long time.I long for the world where technology supports our imcompleteness which is burdened since human was born. So I dedicate myself to realize these ideal some day.

Training Conditional Random Field

This article is written as 17th entry of Qiita machine learning advent calendar.

Conditional random field, CRF, is a kind of discriminative model for sequential data. This model is used widely for labeling natural language sequences such as “I have a pen”. There is a motivation to attach tags to this sequence. For example, “I have a pen” can be tagged as “I(Noun) have(Verb) a(Article) pen(Noun)”. You can train CRF to predict these tags with given sequential data. CRF is not a forefront algorithm but its knowledges and notions included in CRF must be valuable for understanding a lot of types of probability models. In this entry I’d like to explain the training and prediction process which are used by CRF, especially linear chain CRF.

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Implement Random Feedback Neural Network

I’m very interested in neural network algorithm such as recurrent neural network, sparse auto encoder, restricted boltzmann machine and so on. Most of neural network learning algorithms are based on backpropagation. This algorithm was first developed in 1974 as the context of neural network. Backpropagation is a simple and efficient learning algorithm. So it seems as a defact standard in machine learning field.

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How to Launch WIP Spark Cluster

In the process of development spark, it is not uncommon to investigate the performance of development version on EC2 cluster. However, this development version is of course work on process. So I thought it was difficult to launch with ec2 script included spark project. But today I found there is an easy way to do that with only one option.

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How to Build Storm 0.8.x

First of all, current release is now 0.9.x. So this article won’t be needed for who don’t need to build older version of Storm like me. Yes, I needed to build 0.8.x on myself. This was a little tough work because the change and availability of build tool(leiningen) I hope you all don’t have to build older version at your work :)

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How to Do Pitch

Sometimes I have a chance to do pitch or presentation for private or for my work. Anyway I always feel that is the first time to do so because I cannot make advantage of past experiences. This is a challenging task.

This is the seminar I cannot help reviewing my presentation skill. This is about iOS8 and Swift.

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Write Octopress Article on Two Machines

By accident, I got MacPro. This is my first desktop machine in my life. I usually use notebook or laptop machine because there were a lot of time to bring my machine outside. But now I found it is very confortable to use it, large size display, high spec for processing and sufficient amount of capacity.


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Build Hadoop on MacOSX

I am not a veteran Java developer. I don’t understand the detail of Java development environment such as build tool or some type of libraries. Today, I realised that I need to develop or understand architecture of Hadoop. Hadoop seems to use some kind of Java development tools. Maven, ProtocolBuffer, CMake and so on. So in this article I want to record my environment for building hadoop projects on MacOSX.

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