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Build Presto on OSX

As described here, we cannot run Presto package build on OSX. Mainly it was caused by JNI side issue and machine architecture. I knew the issue from Issue 3849.

It looks like you’re running on ppc64. Presto only supports x86_64 on Linux (required for bundled Hadoop JNI libraries) and has many assumptions about the architecture being little endian.

I couldn’t run Presto build on OSX when I deploy on Ubuntu docker container due to this issue. But I don’t have any Linux machine easily. (Of course I can launch EC2 instance sometimes though.) So I found a workaround to run Presto without Linux machine. It can be done with presto-build.

Why presto-build?

Presto built on OSX does not work with Linux because of JNI issue. We will see not found BSDVirtualMachine exception. And also Presto only supports x86_64 on Linux as described here. So the easiest way to build Presto on Linux running x86_64 machine. But how can we build without Linux (like me!). I want to described a way to build Presto which can run on Linux without Linux here.

How to build

1. Clone repository

$ git clone [email protected]:Lewuathe/presto-build.git

2. Set presto project directory

$ export PRESTO_HOME=/path/to/presto

3. Remove presto-doc

Due to incompatibility with PPC64 architecture. The detail is written here.

$ cd /path/to/presto
$ vi pom.xml

Here, you need to comment out presto-doc from module

<!-- <module>presto-docs</module> -->

4. Start docker container

$ cd presto-build
$ ./

Now you can build presto package on this container. The simplest command to build is

$ ./mvnw clean package -DskipTests

presto-build is distributed under MIT License. Please feel free to let me know if you know any other workaround to build Presto on OSX.

Thank you.