Getting started learning kernel

As a software engineer, we come to this point at last. Linux kernel is the bible and the ultimate stage all software engineers should learn in their lifetime. So I started kernel learning seminar with my friends. In this week we held that at the first time.

Kernel overview from Kai Sasaki

At this time, we explained the overview of linux kernel functionalities.

Although I want to read original kernel source code one by one, the first tasks I have to do is creating the map of kernel functionalities and source tree. In this section, I introduced some terminologies which is implemented in latest kernel. Of course there are some missing items, I think. But I am sure that with this entry point, we can start learning by myself. We can research technologies, start subscribing a mailing list and hacking it. All kernel hackers must stand this point at the first time. I was so impressed by the fact that I have reached at the foot of kernel mountain eventually. This was so exciting! There are a lot of things to learn in front of me in order to hack kernel.

Now I have an enough energy to progress this learning through my engineer life. This is the chance to get forward my skill and fulfill my knowledge desire as a software engineer. If you have any interest contents to learn linux kernel, please let me know. I will also share my learning results here.

Thank you.