How to build Storm 0.8.x

First of all, current release is now 0.9.x. So this article won’t be needed for who don’t need to build older version of Storm like me. Yes, I needed to build 0.8.x on myself. This was a little tough work because the change and availability of build tool(leiningen) I hope you all don’t have to build older version at your work :)

Set up environment

Install leiningen

You have to instlal leiningen 1.x, because storm 0.8.x project.clj requires it.

(if-not (re-find #"^1\..*$" lein-version)
  (do (println (str "ERROR: requires Leiningen 1.x but you are using " lein-version))
    (System/exit 1)))

You can download from here And install it into anywhere you like. (For me, I pleced it under `/opt/) Then self install for leiningen.

$ lein self-install

You may see error message about rlwrap. Please install it too.

$ wget
$ rpm -ivh rlwrap-0.41-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

Install dependencies about message queue

Storm 0.8.x is depend on ZeroMQ and JZMQ. Install these packages.



$ yum -y install zeromq zeromq-devel

Build Storm

Change repository url scheme

This was the most big problem. I was annoyed for about 1 hour. Current sonatype repository is provided with https protocol. But redirect does not work when I built it. So you have to rewrite project.clj.

$ wget
$ unzip
$ chmod +x 0.8.2/bin/
$ cd 0.8.2

And reqrite project.clj

 :repositories {"sonatype" ""}
 ;; Rewrite to this. |
 :repositories {"sonatype" ""}

OK, so it has been all done to build storm project. Let’s do it.

$ bin/

You will be able to find *jar file below target. Thank you.