On January 14-15, I participated Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2014. Though this conference cost me a little more than I can afford it, it was great time to me as scrum master in my project. I want to arrange the contents of these sessions, but as there were many sessions it is hard to me. So in this entry, I cite one scrum example after another which I heard in these sessions.

Enterprise Scrum: the future management (Mike Beedle)

Rapid change in Business environment

  • Being and Becoming
  • The main incomes are from new products
    • About 70%
  • Winner innovate faster
  • New product developemnt efficiency differences can be huge 1200%
    • That’s why agile is needed in many companies
  • The origin of scrum is TOYOTA production system
  • Scrum is applicable to business, generic and scaled techinics.

Leading the Lean

  • SAFe Roots
  • In scrum class, any code cannot be written
    • The process which can be used in real scene should be progressed in code level.

Padawan scrum master

First of all, let’s study

  • Read Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Read Agile Samurai
  • In the past, XP is the main stream in SIer.
    • XP is the idealistic thought. So it is not fit the real scene.
    • On the halfway, the members are bored with the process.
    • In the team which is composed of about 70 members, the standard process or documents should be arranged precisely.

And hearing clients about necessary conditions

  • Thinging of what to do
  • It might be difficult to do scrum in enterprise enviroment

How to estimate

  • Very roughtly.
  • Hour unit, 3 days unit.
  • From the beginning, chart is not burned down. Add tasks every day

How to do contractually

  • Introduce Hybrid scrum
  • It is seemed like waterfall from outside.
    • The process which need approvals shoule be done waterfall process

In the case that there are anyone who is negative to agile scrum

  • Remove that member

How to cope with the change order

  • Require clients to line tasks by order, not attach the priority
    • If tasks are arranged one line, the order of task is explicit.

Last but not least

  • Scrum should be changed to fit your own team
  • Some projects should be facilitated forcibly, like waterfall process