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How to make ARM cross compilation on macOS

Cross-compilation is occasionally troublesome. It often requires us to install additional toolchain to get it done. Now, I found I needed to compile my source code for the Arm architecture machine for Mbed application. I do not have any idea how to install the toolchain for Arm compilation. Thus this is the post to describe the fastest way to p... Read more

Hands-On Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript library designed to create a machine learning algorithm on top of the web platform. That is so powerful that we can quickly build and experiment with our machine learning model with the interactive manner provided by the web platform. I kept contributing to the TensorFlow.js since the beginning of the public release... Read more

Visualize Execution Plan in Presto

In general, visualization is an essential technique to understand what is happening. The software does not always provide informative metrics to us for debugging and inspection. We must get them visualized proactively. Notably, it is hard to investigate how a distributed program works without well-defined visualization tools due to the nature of... Read more

Access Management of Elasticsearch Service with Python

AWS provides a service to host the Elasticsearch. It is a fully managed service; thus, we do not need to take care of the detail of Elasticsearch by ourselves. The easiness of launching the Elasticsearch cluster is not the only reason to use the service. It makes it much easier to manage the access policy by using the IAM based access management... Read more

How to install docker in Amazon Linux

The usage of Docker is growing more and more. Our daily development tends to depend on the container platform highly. But I found AWS Linux I recently launched does not have Docker engine as default. It is a frustrating situation even I just want to use Docker in AWS environment. Here is the process to install Docker engine in your AWS Linux. Th... Read more