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Custom WebGL Operation in TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow.js is a framework that enables us to run a deep learning model in the web browser easily and efficiently. As you may imagine, tensor manipulation requires a huge amount of computation power. The defacto standard way for that is currently using accelerator such as GPU. GPU provides us with a large amount of parallelism so that we can d... Read more

Longest Prefix Match with Trie Tree

The Internet consists of multiple router nodes which decide the destination packet should be sent. Each router on the Internet needs to send the packet to the appropriate target node decided by the given IP destination. But how each router can decide the next destined router with the given IP address? Longest Prefix Match Longest prefix match ... Read more

Use the latest community Presto in docker-presto-cluster

At the beginning of this month, new Presto Software Foundation (PSF) was launched. This foundation was created for ensuring the openness of Presto as open source software. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Presto Software Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Presto open source distributed SQL... Read more

Illustration of Distributed Bellman-Ford Algorithm

Bellman-Ford algorithm may be one of the most famous algorithms because every CS student should learn it in the university. Similarly to the previous post, I learned Bellman-Ford algorithm to find the shortest path to each router in the network in the course of OMSCS. I want to try to make use of this chance to review my knowledge on the alg... Read more

Run queries in your local Presto cluster on Docker

Once I created a tool to launch a Presto cluster in your local machine by using Docker a few years ago. This tool enables you to launch your Presto cluster with multiple nodes (i.e. multiple Docker containers) so that you can easily test your own connector or improvements in the environment close to the production environment. I described th... Read more