The First Cry of Atom

Coloring jq with less command

JQ is one of the best tools I frequently use. One good thing of jq is that it automatically print the JSON in pretty format with fine coloring. So I often use JQ command just for printing JSON in a pretty manner. But this coloring can be disappeared when using a pipe to other commands such as less. $ cat sample.json | jq . | less This is the... Read more

Had a Talk at TensorFlow.js Workshop

Last week, I attend the first ever TensorFlow.js workshop held by Machine Learning Tokyo (a.k.a MLT) community as a speaker with Rei. Rei was a co-author of “Deep Learning in the Browser” that is a book about the technology of the basic of deep learning running with JavaScript or TypeScript. In this workshop, we spoke about the basic of web tech... Read more

Create TensorFlow.js Project with Parcel

Creating a web application is often troublesome due to the complexity of the framework and ecosystem. There are a bunch of build systems to launch the project. We also need to be familiar with the difference between programming languages used by web applications (e.g. JavaScript, AltJS, TypeScript). It may be a common sense especially to those w... Read more

Presto Summit 2019 at Facebook HQ

A few days ago, the second Presto Summit was held at the HQ of Facebook. This is the conference held by Facebook to gather developers and users of Presto around the world. There were a bunch of interesting talks and discussions related to Presto future. Recently, we have seen Presto Software Foundation forked the source code of Presto from the o... Read more

Federated Learning with TensorFlow

I explained the machine learning in the edge device has a huge potential in the previous post. Running ML algorithm in edge device will provide a nice experience of interactive application and can protect data privacy by keeping the data in the local device. I find another approach to achieve the purpose. That is Federated Learning. Federa... Read more