The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

DeepLearning in the Browser

Finally, I got my third book published. As well as the previous books, Bleedng Edge Press helped us write the book. About 6 months ago, I got a email from the editor in Bleeding Edge Press. They tried to publish a book about deep learning then. I was a contributor of TensorFlow.js and also had some knowledge about the deep learning algorithms. ... Read more

Started OMSCS in GATech

I graduated the university 8 years ago with only bachelor of degree of computer science. While I enjoyed my working career so much with that, I started considering getting it forwarded by re-educated in the school. I longed for the degree in the university in the United States. But it is difficult for me to study abroad because I need to give ... Read more

Awarded Google Peer Bonus Program

Since the last year, I kept contributing TensorFlow.js. Though it’s initially named deeplearnjs, it was included in the family of the TensorFlow project. You can look into the detail of what was going on in the initial project here. Yesterday, I was awarded Google Peer Bonus Program thanks to the contribution to the project. As far as I remembe... Read more

Environment Variable in IntelliJ IDEA

You may have some build script that reads environment variable like security credentials or custom configuration. Most build tools can recognize the environment variable. For example, you can write Artifactory credential in built.sbt like this. val credentials = Credentials( "Artifactory Realm", "", sys.env.getOrElse... Read more

Migration to Elastic Beanstalk from Heroku

Though I had to migrate our Rails application infrastructure, it took time to migrate my Rails application to Elastic Beanstalk from Heroku than expected. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Heroku are very similar PaaS service. Initially, I thought I could launch my Rails application without rewriting any code because Elastic Beanstalk supports Puma a... Read more