• Short Time Immersion in Language Learning

    As touched on in this blog several times, I experimentally try to learn multiple languages simultaneously. The first one I started to study was Spanish before the pandemic. I added Chinese to the list last year. Now, I am starting to study Korean this summer. Although I gradually get used... [Read More]
  • Suomi on kissan kieli

    These days, I am addicted to the book illustrating the vivid experience of the author who faces many challenges to learn foreign languages. It is perhaps because of not only the usefulness of the language itself but also the fact that such a story reminds me of the existence of... [Read More]
  • The word order in SVC sentence in Spanish

    I found an interesting fact about the word order in Spanish when I read the book about the Spanish grammar. When we use ser or estar which are corresponding to ‘be’ in English, the word order is different from English, which might not be surprising to some people already. In... [Read More]
  • Support Fast-Math Flag in MLIR

    Needless to say, optimization is vital in the compiler pipeline to generate the code executable faster and compactly. The faster is better. One of the straightforward methods to make the code faster is eliminating unnecessary operations from the original instructions, such as redundant arithmetic operations or unused constants. These operations... [Read More]