The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Environment Variable in IntelliJ IDEA

You may have some build script that reads environment variable like security credentials or custom configuration. Most build tools can recognize the environment variable. For example, you can write Artifactory credential in built.sbt like this. val credentials = Credentials( "Artifactory Realm", "", sys.env.getOrElse... Read more

Migration to Elastic Beanstalk from Heroku

Though I had to migrate our Rails application infrastructure, it took time to migrate my Rails application to Elastic Beanstalk from Heroku than expected. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Heroku are very similar PaaS service. Initially, I thought I could launch my Rails application without rewriting any code because Elastic Beanstalk supports Puma a... Read more

Concurrent Object on Shared Memory

I’ve just read Chapter 3 of The Art of Multiprocesor Programming. It illustrates the detail and examples of consistency model of concurrent objects. Although it was a little complex, that topic was very interesting to me. I’m going to introduce the consistency of objects on shared memory in order to review my understanding to these consistency m... Read more

Changing the VOLUME within Dockerfile

I had a trouble to use Docker VOLUME yesterday. This is my note to describe what the problem was and the way how to solve it. Volumes in Docker is a mechanism which enables us to generate data into host machine directory. Volumes are managed mainly by docker daemon, on the other hand bind mounts is created on the user managed directory on the ho... Read more

Use Benchto for evaluation of Presto

Measuring performance of distributed system is not easy task. It often takes time to generate dataset, write queries, running them and keep the performance result. In spite of the fixed form of measuring process, we often have to reinvent wheels because the difference of the interface of distributed systems. Every system does not support ANSI ... Read more