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We, Japanese have built high level democratic society. We have an universal suffrage system, the rights to discuss through a lot of type media, and the constitution which guarantees our liberty of expression. The end of the Edo era, we have kept to build these system gradually, sometimes destructively. So, yes. We are one of the most democratic citizens in the world.

In Japan, it is difficult to see a lot of destructive tragedies which are occured around the world as reality.

So, Malala teaches me that education is not the gift fallen from the heaven, but the achivements by our continuous efforts. This book showed me that our country, our politics, our society were not just obtained. We cannot take it for granted getting the benefit from these system by the fight in the past.

However, I think that fights against something and efforts for something are often mistook as similar things. But it is not true.

Don’t stand up with Sword

Malala said

The pen is mighter than the sword

Democracy system is supported by education system itself. If all citizens are blind to politics, economy ,science and so on, democracy will be malfunctional. In order to keep the sound democrary system, we have to be well educated. These two statement cannot be divided. We all have to get an our own pen respectively.

However, I feel that we start forgetting the importance of the pen. Alternatively, we are reviewing the value of sword which destroys our country completely in the past. People stands up with their sword.

No Fight, Do Read

We, Japanese people, are industrious people. We used to like studying for just enrich our life, and our community. With enourmous knowledge and experience, we tackled a lot of problems which made an attack to our community.

But I think, people become tired of these line of trial which continues to our child, and those child and eternally.

Our weapon, called education seems helpless now. Our effort to make the better future of our community resulted in Lost Decade in Japan, suicide of thousands people. There are now a few children and a lot of old people in Japan. In conclusion of our hope and effort after world war 2, we find our community has become unsustainable, hopeless society.

We realized that a pen can no longer help us. We need to pick up new weapon to fight against new era. Sword

Duty of those who tackle problematic future

Once a girl was groan under opression because she cannot get the chance of education freely. Violence, destruction disturbed her studying. But she kept studying not only for herself but also her community. She might think education made all people free from coercion through democracy system with the power of education. This must have been the most peaceful, hopeful community that she and all around people ever seen.

The pen was her hope.

So suppose we are the future figure of her hope. As I said at the beginning, Japan has full democracy and education system. This might be the figure she desires as the future of her country.

Another distress

But this is what happen. People start to pick up sword.

What will she think about when she knows that ideal democracy society turns their policy to pick up their sword?

Is this the future desired by her people?

All the people will be defeated by the fact the education cannot overcome violence which distresses her for a long time, and hopelessness cover herself.

Our future is not for only ourselves

Malala said at the United nation. She felt that when she was shoot.

Weakness,fear and hopelessness died, Strength,power and courage was born

If there are enemis against us, it must be our mind which forces us stop thinking, and pick up an old sword used many times over. This is the future we must avoid for our world. The hope is not the time of defeating the enemies, even solving all problems. It is in the range of long span we can keep our education, and democracy. We have to retain our pens for our world.

Don’t stop thinking. I cannot say where there are any answers for us, but I can say not these are not in violence, destructions. These are past things we experienced over and over again. Now it’s the time to build our community for only future, not past. For a pen, not a sword.

Believe in the power of education and democracy. You are Malala in Japan, the future of world democracy