Yesterday, I took part in Tokyo Node Gakuen 11th period for the first time. Though I want to attend this meeting to be a node hacker for a long time, I have not been able to get a chance to do so. About two weeks ago, I semi-completed n42 that implements some deep learning algorithms, stacked denoised autoencoder, deep belief network. So time has come, and I realized that I have something to tell and where I can convey my passions through one software stack, nodejs.

Talk about the future of nodejs

Presented by @yosuke_furukawa. He is the next representative of nodejs Japan community. He is young and so vital, passionate that I believe that future of must be bright. Please go for it!

He introduced some new features of nodejs v0.12 and hot libraries supported by nodejs community such as koa (Official site is so cool!) and Primus. These libraries were unfamiliar to me this time. So this introduction was good to me in order to understand the current situation of nodejs roughtly. Thank you.

Getting started browserify

Next presenter was @hitsujiwool. He looks very familiar with client JavaScript technologies. Especially in this session, he talked about the overview of browserify. This tool converts the codes written in CommonJS style into the executable code in web browser. I cannot understand easily at that time. And unfortunately, this situation does not change now.

However, roma was not built in a day. I understand sufficiently the necessity of study client JavaScript technology stacks and trend. So I won’t lose this chance. Even if it takes some month, I have a desire to grasp the concept of this technology at last.

And below is LT session.

Deep learning with nodejs

This is my session. As I said previously, I developed deep learning module in nodejs called n42. n42 was named after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A super computer called “deep thought” enters in this movie. People asked one diffucult question to this computer bacause this computer is so smart that it can always answer any questions. The question was this.

the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

After 750million years, deep thought answered.


What? The answer of every thing is really only 42? I also doubt the validity of this answer, but I like this story very much. I want to see the day when n42 can give me the answer of everything :)

Deeplearning with node from Kai Sasaki

node.js as Gips for training asynchronous programming

I’m afraid to say, but I could not find the presentation slide. The presenter was @niryuu. His presentation was exciting. The most impressive word I can remember is

Do it properly

Asynchronous programming in nodejs becomes sometimes very halmful such as callback hell. He solved this problem simple concept. Return values properly. Using Primise etc. These motivations had stimulated me to write code properly in any situation. I feel that I can make use of this phrase when I was discouraged. Thank you.

With node.js, a novice programmer can make online fighting game easily

This session was given by @pegass85. He was so passionate that I enjoy his presentaion profoundly. He seems that he loves games very much. So he intruduced some games that released about a decade ago. Through his talking, I can feel that he really enjoy programming and games. It reminded me of the importance of enjoying programming as a hobbiest not a worker. I am looking forward the day when his game of “paper, stone and scissors” running properly online.

Node.jsなら日曜プログラマーでも簡単に通信対戦ゲームが作れる from Yuusuke Takeuchi

Last but not least

Throught these sessions, I can see the potential of nodejs in a new light. By the huge power of community, these softwares are given its futures. I was forced to realize that fact by these passionate developers of nodejs. The main theme of this seminor was

Talk about the future of nodejs

I have a desire of the bright future of nodejs when a lot of developers and users make world better place helping each other with this software. After meeting these passionate developers, this desire changed to confidence.

Thank you.