When you try TopCoder, as you know, IDE is one of the most efficient options to write accurate code very fast. So far, Eclipse is the most famous IDE in this field. However today, I know IntelliJ IDEA can also be the great editor to fight it out. So I try to install TopCoder plugin into my IntelliJ IDEA which is called IntelliJCoder.


By using plugin manager embedded to IntelliJ IDEA, you install IntelliJCoder. Today, its version is v1.6. And restart your IDE.


Launch Arena


You can see TopCoder icon inside the toolbar. If you cannot see toolbar itself, click view menu and select toolbar. Click this icon, and TopCoder arena will be launched. It might takes some minutes.

toolbar launch_arena

Open problems

Ok now, let’s solve any problems. In the proactive room, select one problem as you like from SRM. Select problem, then you can see TopCoder simple editor. If you use any language except for Java, you should select Java. And sckelton codes are written into your IntelliJ IDEA automatically. Now it’s the time to solve problem. Hack it!


Test and Submit

Suprisingly, you can also run test codes generated from this plugin. When you build this code in IntelliJ IDEA, the test codes based on problem examples are run. So it is easy to confirm whether your code are correct or not before submitting it. Compiling and Submitting is the same way to ordinary one. Definitely you can solve problems faster than your rivals with this plugin.


Thank you.