Hello, nice to meet you. I am a novice software engineer who has worked for about 2 years. An ordinary man. I have no honor, no fame and no wealth. Of course you don’t know who I am. There is no connection between us such as email, facebook and twitter. The reason why I can mate your name and your face is no more than watching on TV. That’s all. So in this time I dare to say that I am not familiar with you completely. Unexpectedly I don’t know who you are in spite of writing this letter. For whom? I would like to tell the reason why I wrote this letter.

letters by liz west on flickr


In fact, I have written some blog entries in these weeks that has went up in flames. These entries are accessed and seen by many more people than I expected. Mainly the majority of the reaction was positive to me, but there were also negative speeches in no small way. I experienced this type of online flame for the first time. I knew what that is as external knowledge, but I have not felt of that with my skin. Even I used the internet for 10 years, I found I don’t know such a simple thing. It was very small scale in comparison with the case when general “flame” word is used. However it was enough to dispirit me toward all things which I was engaged into previously. It was stressful situation and different from the previous case I have experienced in my lifetime. I have not received so many negative feedbacks from unfamiliar people. It was a tough situation for me but I was able to realise new insight about celebrities such as athletes and scholars especially who doesn’t earn money with showing themselves to audience.

What do you think that day? You received many flush lights on your face. You received many strict questions from the audience. It might be far more tough situation than I experienced. I cannot imagine your feelings. The life is always difficult to live for those who want to be happy, only be happy. In this world, there are a lot of people who tend to hurt others without knowing it. This is not the world what it should be at all.

Today I realised these phenomenon is not uncommon things. Ordinary people, including me, can easily hurt others and attack external world around him unconsciously. This is destructive world where I don’t hope. All people always destruct this world by using offensive words on the internet. If I look back myself, there were many times when I said or wrote thoughtless words to others. He might be hurt by my words that time more than I think he would be. This is painful for me, but this is tiny thing in comparison with the feelings of the sufferers.

So I don’t know who you are. I haven’t talked with you. I haven’t met you in face to face. I haven’t had some meal with each other. With this presupposition, can I criticise you whom I don’t know so much such as your background, your favorite music and the most impressive place you have been to? I cannot. I don’t want. Above all, I must not.

Let you be what you are. The voices will not decrease drastically and keep affect your life. But all these voices are irrelevant to your background and your life. The advocates don’t know who you are completely. In addition to this, we must be quiet about what we don’t know. Our voices are not based on the further details about your life. So please let you be as you are.

Everytime anyone makes voices about other people, someone must be hurt by your voices. We should keep this in mind for us and myself. Helping other people leads helping yourself.