Recently, there are a lot of hackathon in Japan. This word “Hackathon” also have been familiar word to non programmers. People want to use this type of event in order to solve any problems they have at office, home and life.

NHK is Japan’s national public broadcasting organization. The name is abbreviation of “Nippon Housou Kyoukai”. This organization keeps focusing to improve the quality of news broadcasting in terms of equality, accuracy and deepness. In this weekend, Hakathon is applied to the field of broadcasting. I attended.

The purpose of this event is to answer how to let the youngs see news programs such as “Kokusai Houdou 2014”. To promote the rating of thie program and furthermore the rating of whole news programs, our ideas as hacker, I think, will also help new field which is different from our daily life.

Our team developes vizualizing tool for your interest to the news program. While you are watching TV program, you might not want to have trouble with recording any captures, time or tracking tweets about target program. All you have to do with our tool is watching TV. The image sensing hardware made by omron tracks your emotion toward program automatically. At the end of the program you can review the list of emotions showed by you while you were watching TV. With that list of emotion and captures, you can look back inside yourself, your emotions. This leads the new possibility of the style of watching TV and our emotions.

As a geek, the most impressive factor I can use in this time was Hybridcast. With this technology, I can develop “TV” application like developing web application. I constructed API server, started HTTP proxy server and wrote HTML5 source codes. It was the time when I realised the new technology of TV brought us sufficient generality of web technology even paradoxically. The future is getting around the corner.

To be honest, I don’t usually watch TV programs except for NHK. Even NHK, the frequency of watching cannot be necessarily high. I am a resident of internet.

However I can see a little bright future on TV device and contents. I hope to help TV get the power of internet with the explosion of high technologies. So from today, I think watching TV is not bad as much as I expected. Oops, “The professional” starts soon, it’s monday. Here I close my laptop and watching the future showed on TV calmly.

Thank you.