To be honest, I don’t know clearly because it’s B2B company and I cannot see that existence on daily work. Though now I cannot grasp whole picture of this company yet, I want to write about charity and donation in US.

I think social security policy in US is worse than that in Japan. Especially, cost of medical care looks very expensive to me. How many people can they pay that high cost? I don’t know accurate number of sufferers of medical care, but that is not small number. That might be the reason why there are a lot of billionaires who donate some kind of charities in US. Marc Benioff is one of them. I listend his talk at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. And I found this tweet on my TL today.

The seminar hole where TCDisrupt was held was filled with the sound of clap toward Marc Benioff. He talked about his charity activities toward education. People who attended looeked so impresed and expressed their pure applause. So purely. Is it same thing is true in Japan? I doubted.

Of cource, I cannot decide according to only this tiny sample. But I cannot help being envy of the pureness which attendeed of TCDisrupt showed. In Japan, people will show their skeptical view or jealousy toward billionaire. “Is that only for advertisement?” “Is that just hipocrisy!” Yes, that might be true. But is that halm to ordinary people? There must be a lot of people who are helped by these donations. Is it just ok, isn’t it? Why can’t they express applause toward the people who use their money that is got by their own efforts? For disadvantages. I think it is necessary to say thank you at first regardless their reasons.

Pureness supports the power of noblesse oblige in Silicon Valley, I felt.