By accident, I got MacPro. This is my first desktop machine in my life. I usually use notebook or laptop machine because there were a lot of time to bring my machine outside. But now I found it is very confortable to use it, large size display, high spec for processing and sufficient amount of capacity.


I want to write Octopress article on MacPro. I wrote this on MacBookPro previously. So this time, I’d like to record how to achieve this goal.

Clone source

First clone your octopress original source.

$ git clone -b source [email protected]:username/ octopress

Then octopress has a built site under _deploy directory. You have to pull master branch into this directory.

$ git clone  [email protected]:username/ _deploy


Before setting up, you have to install bundler.

$ gem install bundler
$ rbenv rehash
$ bundle install

And setup your github pages url.

$ bundle exec rake setup_github_pages

Last but not least, update all sources and built files.

$ git pull origin source
$ cd _deploy
$ git pull origin master

OK this time you can deploy from this new machine. So I wrote this article on my new MacPro. Through this process, I want to say thank you to Robert Anderson. From now I will keep update my blog on super MacPro.