Sometimes I have a chance to do pitch or presentation for private or for my work. Anyway I always feel that is the first time to do so because I cannot make advantage of past experiences. This is a challenging task.

This is the seminar I cannot help reviewing my presentation skill. This is about iOS8 and Swift.

Today I gave a presentation at this conference. Overall, I suceeded to convey audience what I want to say. But there was some reflection points in my presentation. So in this time I’d like to collect these points for improving my presentation skill and future good pitch.


My voice is a little small, I can now see. Of course microphone was working well. Audience didn’t miss my presentation at all. But speaking about mental situation of myself, it was not working. Big voice makes me feel better and encouraged me to make good presentation. So it is good only to make voice bigger. But I forgot to do that. I alway regret not to do that after all. I have to be the one who can do that without any intense. Practice can only makes my presentation skill.


To be honest, making audience laugh is not my task. It is very troublesome for me. But some ice-breaking is usually needed to make a seminar better. Laughing is the one tool to do that. So if you can make people laugh, it is very nice thing. I always make a effort to make it. But I am not commedian. When my light joke or any try to laughing is fail, I think it is the next way to ask audience and take some response from them.

Is there any one who has iPhone plus today?

or something. So audience has to pay attention to you and do any exercise(such as raising their hand). It will break some ice at the place.

From next time, I will pay attention to these points to make a good presentations. Thank you.