Yesterday, I attended this seminar, “An Introduction mathematics for all programmers”. This seminar was held to exchange information each other who come from various types of fields. I gave a presentation about AutoEncoder which is used in DeepLearning recently. I thought it is very attractive theme itself, but because of my lack of presentation skill to explain with simple words, some attendees cannot grasp whole notions. I’m so sorry and I’ll do more practices toward next time.

All presentations were so attractive to me. Although I usually does not so addicted to mathematics, I was given a passtion to learn mathematics again. I’m sure that this subject can be applied our daily works in programming field. So I’d like to introduce all presentations which was given in this seminar.

Linear Algebra

This is the beginning of the seminar. He explains about linear algebra while picking up simple questions. It is easy to understand the essence of matrix operations and the knowledge obtained with this presentation can be used after sessions. But I didn’t know the fact this time :)

Prime Number

Riemann hypothesis problem is famous for its difficulty to solve and its relation to prime number distributions. But I didn’t fully understand the importance of this problem. Why does solving this problem give us the mystery of prime numbers. The essence of this was explained through this power point, please check it out.

3D, 4D

It was the first time for me to see 4D object on 2D screen. Although I could not understand what 4D object is, the mapping logic that 4D object is transfered 2D space was so interesting for me. I want to relearn technical terms appeared in this session later.

Deep Learning

It’s my presentation.


He explained FizzBuzz algorithm with backtrack method. The unique point he used was that this demonstration was implemented on Unity. It was fun for me to see it. And I realize the power of Unity for all programmers. If you want to create any applications which needs 3D object modeling or moving, you have to learn Unity.

Last but not least

Overall this seminar was very interesting and inspiring for me and I could obtain so useful and suggestive advice for my algorithm. I’d like to make the most of this time in the future for my research and learning.

Thanks all for coming to this seminar and hearing our sessions :)