It took a time from my last post. I am not so busy, in honest. I have nothing to write about and to write with. Words. This is a practice of writing English for me more easily and fast. I cannot find when the goal has come to me:)

So anyway, I attended this hackathon yesterday.

Open Hack Day 3

This event was hosted Yahoo Japan Corporation. Great event for all hackers. We can satisfy our passion to be creative and create something actually with hi-techs.

I developed Python library which enables us to run k-means more easily and fast. Memory saving and fast k-deterministic k-means with HyperLogLog, kHLL. Our team researched this algorithm and focused the tuning this algorithm for applying k-mean algorithm. This process was totally for satisfying our passion as software engineer. This was not for observers, not for judges, not for businesses. Totally for ourselves. I believe that we developed these products with only pure technological wants and passions. I want to believe. But I have some kind of emotion which I cannot say explicitly what it is.

At the table of supper in first day, I had a talk with my teammate. I am sure that his words must be the clue why I have this kind of feelings in my mind.

All people has a desire to be accepted mentally. This should be taught as a imperative fact when we are young.

Yes. I totally agree with him. Moreover there is no new thing to me. I have this type of desire and I admit it. All people has to some extent. I know. But what happens when I try to do what I want such as hacking or create something I want. Do I try to think I want to do for myself, not for others in spite of the fact I cannot lose my desire to be evaluated and accepted. I have no option to accept myself because the others cannot evaluate. But is it right? Did I try to be accepted? Did I make a easy explanation about what I created to others? Did I laugh at the works of others? It would be a lie if I say there are no such things in my mind.

I should be more obedient to my mind. I want to create something which is evaluated by others. I have to admit this emotion to make a progress as a engineer. I always think our products make the world better place. What is the world? The world is made up by each people, isn’t it? I should admit it. I want to create products for others in truth. This is what I learned from this event, not only algorithm.

Thank you.