Building Hadoop on MacOSX is a little tough work. You have to pay attention to the version of JDK and ProtocolBuffer. In spite of this fact, there are some times when you want to use other versions in case of building other tools. Especially there might be a lot of cases when you want to use JDK8 and it is even recommended.

Today, I found Hadoop can be build in Docker container according to the attached instruction on OSX. I am also a novice of Docker. So I have a little knowledge and experience of Docker container. But Hadoop projects gives you setting up script for you and instruction. Although these were already fully written in BUILDING.txt,

## First make sure Homebrew has been installed ( )
$ brew install docker boot2docker
$ boot2docker init -m 4096
$ boot2docker start
$ $(boot2docker shellinit)
$ ./

That’s all. It’s easy way. There seems to be some issues about performance within boot2docker. Anyway it’s the easiest way to build Hadoop on MacOSX. Try it!!