I usually use Heroku when I join some Hackathon. This is the easiest service the I’ve ever used as we can deploy my application with git command which is friendly tool I always use. So we can deploy a web application or API service in short time.

Yesterday, I took part in Music HackDay Tokyo 2015. At this hackathon, I struggled create environment which includes python packages, node packages and also ffmpeg binaries. This type of environment cannoe be achieved by default configuration. We have to write some buildpacks configurations under your project.


When you want to install multiple buildpacks in your environment(In case of me, there are nodejs, python and ffmpeg.) You have to first import heroku-buildpack-multi into your project.

$ heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-multi.git

With this description, you can write multi buildpacks into your .buildpacks. At this time, I wrote like below.


Each buildpacks install main packages and resolve dependencies. In terms of nodejs, this is with npm install. And python, you should write dependencies in requirements.txt. The details are written in nodejs dependencies and python dependencies.

With these configuration, you can run your application on nodejs, python and ffmpeg environment. The whole project I wrote at this hackathon is here. If you have any question about this project and configurations, feel free to post issues to here. I’ll write a post about this project and what I made at Music Hack day. T

Thank you.