I participated into HackDay 2016 that is held by Yahoo Japan Corporation with my friend. Every time I attended, we develop a tool for ourselves not for users. Because I’m sure it can make the world better. In addition, it provides us new skill as a software engineer. That was fun time.

We wrote a tool and patch for migration from Parse.com that has just announced to be closed. A lot of mobile developers seems to use Parse.com for their services. What we have done in the hackathon were here.

  • Write spec tool for API and data migration from Parse.com. We published it as parse-spec.
  • Write a patch for implementing missing features, Cloud code job execution. #PR398.
  • Fix a compatibility issue for default configuration between parse-server and Parse.com.

We hope these patches will be merged into master because it will make our migration easier and of course your migration too. So please send a feedback about the PRs or parse-spec if you have some interest. We are sure to these simple tools can make our migration simple and easier.