The other day, I contributed a software magazine “Software Design” from 技術評論社.

Software Engineers

I wrote about Treausure Data Service internal as much as possible. My targets of this article are mainly software engineers who are struggling to develop and maintain data platforms. Treasure Data Service is a cloud base service for those people. So knowing how to use Treasure Data Service and what we can do with Treasure Data Service is a good content to be described. In addition to this, I wrote engineering challenges we often face along with data engineering. Scalability, consistency and throughput etc. So I also wrote how to solve these challenges in Treasure Data. That must intriguing engineers who are interested in data engineering practices.

This was a good chance for me to write what we do and what we make everyday. These works often cannot be seen from external side. I’m very glad if someone is interested in what Treasure Data is doing when you read this article. We have a lot of challenging and exciting engineering tasks. Please let me know if you are interested what we are doing.