• Try Hive LLAP

    Do you know Hive LLAP? This is stinger-next project of Hive. With LLAP, you can pass a sub-second query to Hive. However this project is in progress now. You cannot use this with released Hive. Today I’d like to describe how to try LLAP in you cluster. [Read More]
  • What I learned in SV

    From 3th Aug to 9th Aug, I visited Silicon Valley especially Santa Clara and San Francisco. This trip is mainly for fun not business. But I had a rare experiences through this travel. I want to write down what I learned because there are a lot of things which are... [Read More]
  • cgit cookbook

    I created cgit server on EC2 before in order to check commit log and source code. (However, running EC2 constantly costs me not a few money. I terminated it. ) This process was a little troublesome for me. So I write the first cgit cookbook here. [Read More]
  • How to use cgit

    When I want to browse a git repository, I usually use GitHub if the desired repository is there. Of couse GitHub always provides great experience whenever looking into source code of a famous open source software. But I found there are three cases when I want an alternative. [Read More]
  • Split string in Java

    There are a lot of time to split string type when you are writing program. Of course in Java. Although I already know split method in String can be applied to this case, I misunderstood how to use it. My initial code is below. [Read More]