• Optimized shift work

    Previously I received a request from my wife about optimization of shift work in restaurant where she is working. At ordinal Japanese family restaurant, the shift table is created by owner’s hand. This is very troublesome when you have to satisfy not only the members’s requirements but also the sutainability... [Read More]
  • Report about #maths4pg 3

    The other day, we were running a seminar called “The math learning seminar for all programmers”. This was the third time. The first time was the beginning of this year. This seminar keeps attracting a lot of people in spite of the deepness and difficulties of mastering maths. The field... [Read More]
  • Using Source Code Pro

    I have used Ricty as my main programming fonts for about two years. This is one of the best fonts I’ve ever used for programming. However when I started using powerline, Ricty for powerline cannot be shown properly. Some garbles are occurred in my console. So in this time, I... [Read More]
  • Convert to Spacemacs

    My main text editor is emacs currently. I have used for about 4 years. The first touch to emacs for me was a class on the exercise about programming language C/C++ and Scheme. At that time, emacs fit my hand and teach me the joy of programming. The extensibility of... [Read More]