• Forget grief, keep data

    Three years ago, I walked around Shinjuku at Tokyo. I had not yet obtained informal decision from current company for which I now work. So I walked around Shinjuku for job hunting as pre-graduate student called “Shukatsu-sei” in Japanese. [Read More]
  • Difference between PCA and dA

    Today I gave a presentation about Deep Learning in my office. Through this presentation, I felt the difficulty of explanation about mathematic notion without equations. Complex concept should be attached with some equations. Simplicity was one of the biggest purpose of my presentaion. [Read More]
  • Memento pattern in Java

    Recently, I implemented some design patterns following this book. This book introduces 23 design patterns that all programmers should know when you write according to OOP instructions. So now I want to write this article about some of these patterns and explain these. All codes that used in this article... [Read More]
  • How is HashMap written in Java

    Here recently, I have a chance to read Java core API, expecially HashMap. Usually, I use HashMap paying no attention to, but this code reading brought many things to me. I can understand that how HashMap is written in Java and more this is very simple than I expected. So... [Read More]