In this week, I am attending a lecture for developing mobile application on android. Of course I had no experience writing android applications, I have not written Java code in my life. Through this lecture, I was so impressed by the functionality of Eclipse.

In my life, I hate using IDE because these tools always hide a mechanism for building application. This is why I always used emacs or vim. But today, I changed my mind. IDE is the next step for me in order to acquire new skills. So just now I installed IntelliJ IDEA which is in fashion nowadays.

In this post, I’d like to introduce some shortcuts for my kickstarting IntelliJ IDEA. If you know any other tips, please let me know.

Short Cut Function Notes
Ctrl + Space Basic Code completion With IntelliJ IDEA, however code completion is run automatically
Alt + Enter Show intention actions and quick-fixes IntelliJ IDEA gives me any suggestions in each situations
Ctrl + Alt + L Reformat code Rearrange for readable format
Ctrl + Alt + O Optimize imports Remove unnecessary imports
Ctrl + Q Quick documentation Simple reference to javadoc
Ctrl + O Override methods Implements override methods of current class
Ctrl + / Comment out/in a line  
Ctrl + W Select successively increasing code blocks You can select a meaningful code blocks
Ctrl + Y Delete line at caret  
Shift + Enter Start new line Wherever line you are, insert new line
Shift + F10 Run  
Ctrl + Alt + V Introduce variables Make variables name automatically
Ctrl + J Insert live templates A lot of type of templates are preinstalled

How do you think that? Of course, there are so many shortcuts and functions that I cannot introduce all of these. The only way to know how useful IntelliJ IDEA is using it throughly! From today, I’ll switch default editor to IntelliJ IDEA.

Thank you.