Today, I took a walk with one of my friend. He joined my office the end of last year and he is from Wuhan, China. He is a good man and very kind to me wherever we met. We walked around imperial palace and visited Tokyo station, Imperial Palace East Garden, Yasukuni shrine and Jimbocho book stores. I like to walk around central of Tokyo. I was pleased looking he was also enjoy this short trip.

At the end of this tour, we took a rest at Yasukuni shrine. At this shrine, there are a lot of food shops or stalls. We bought an amazake and takoyaki from one of them. We sat by one table. For a while I keep talking with him happily. But suddenly I found something strange to me.

Yasukuni shrine is famous for the relationship with war criminals who are judged by the Allied. This shrine often becomes a cause of confliction between China and Japan. So this is a kind of symbol of confliction kept from the before war. By a curious coincidence, we have a takoyaki and enjoyed talking at such place. We are simple colleague in one company, we are team to achieve our goals efficiently and resolve technological issued faced to our everyday. Is there any confliction between us? When I think carefully, the fact that we are enjoying to talk without care about the past of history is a wonderful thing. We, ordinary people, don’t hope confliction and trouble based on race, nation and country. So now I realised that I had a dream that time. We all sit by a same table and enjoy talking and meals. This is the fundamental factor to realize the peaceful world. We should look back this simple and easy to understand fact again.

This is the dream I had today.