I met scanamind. I cannot decide it is useful or not from these documentations and examples.

But the core concept of collaboration of quantum mathematics and AI. This tool and algorithm try to redefine the definition of notions. What is car? Who are you? You can extract these essential concept of a notion by finding eigen state. If you know linear algebra, it is easy to understand eigen state. Have you ever heard of eigen vector or eigen value? These are almost same. A notion’s essential can be found through the operation of calculating eigen state.


This is totally new concept as the way to know what the thing is. Almost all machine algorithms try to extract features from the thing itself. However, the approach of scanamind is different. It extracts features from the relationship between around things. I’d like to learn quantum mathematics and implement some algorithms as the format anyone can read and modify one. If you have any interest to this concept, please let me know. Thank you.