The other day, I gave a presentation at #bq_sushi about Apache Drill. I had totally no experience of using Google BigQuery. But in this year I am very interested in SQL engine as a pipeline in lambda architecture. I have some knowledge and experience of realtime processing and batch layer such as Storm and Hadoop. So it might also be necessary to become familiar with these type of technologies for understanding lambda architecture as a whole. I focused on Apache Drill in this chance.

This is an overview of Apache Drill. Mainly this presentation was created for myself. Through investigating the essence of Drill and SQL execution technologies, I could obtain a new skill set and knowledge. In addition to this, I have created Drill cookbook. You can deploy Drill cluster as distributed mode with this cookbook. Please use it and let me know the usability. Patches are always welcome!

Anyway, I could take a step to learn SQL technologies. In this year, I want to grasp the whole layer and essence of lambda architecture as an engineer who develops big data processing platforms. Thank you.