My main text editor is emacs currently. I have used for about 4 years. The first touch to emacs for me was a class on the exercise about programming language C/C++ and Scheme. At that time, emacs fit my hand and teach me the joy of programming. The extensibility of emacs gives us not only the power to hack but also the troublesome handworks of configurations. It always annoys me especially when I upgraded emacs. Recently I found oh-my-zsh which gives us the fixed useful configurations. I wonder there is the correspondence software to emacs.

I have found! Spacemacs.


Originally this is developed for vim users who interested in emacs. But it looks nice to write configuration easily and pre-installed. All custom configurations can be written in ~/.spacemacs. Packages are managed on here. I am very fond of this new text editor. If I have some time and come up with some idea, I want to write a custom configuration called layer and keep learning how to use spacemacs more detail. Thank you.