Digdag was released from Treasure Data. This is a highly scalable distributed workflow engine. It was developed for both analyst and engineers in order to make their daily batch and adhoc jobs more easy. The important part I want to say here is we can define workflow in one file called *.dig. So you can put the file under version control system like Git. And all scripts and resources which is necessary to run each tasks are included in a digdag project.

The detail is described in digdag.io.

What I want to tell here is that there is no syntax highlighter in Atom for *.dig file. So I wrote a package to do so.


You can install the package with this command.

$ apm install language-digdag

After you install this package your *.dig file can be seen like below.


Since this is the first time I created syntax highlighter in Atom, I’m not sure what type of classes exists in Atom yet. I searched which type of class is appropriate referring language-ruby. So if you find any other keyword or directive to be listed, please send me a Pull Request.

Thank you.