As you know StackOverflow is the most famous Q&A site for especially programming and software. You can ask any type of programming questions or search it. There are no software engineers who do not use this site in their daily development, I think.

Of course I am also a heavy user of StackOverflow. When I have faced a problem in my development, I googled and reached StackOverflow. So this is a vital infrastructure for me.

But how can it be sustained? Are answers fallen from sky? No. They are answered by other software engineers who are cooperative in our development. They might be in other field or in competitive company in same area. But they try to help us solve technical problems.

So I decided to be a engineer who can help other software engineers on StackOverflow as I was helped. Until now I wrote a question and wait for answers or only searching same questions and read answers. Question needs answers. I’ll try to answer questions and provide solutions as much as possible. My dedicated technical field is not so many. The questions I can answer might be limited. Even so, I want to try to answer as much as possible from now. The main topic I’ll try to provide answers are listed below.

I will make these areas I can answer broader as much as possible. So this is a post to declare I’m trying to support other engineers on the most famous Q&A site, StackOverflow.