This blog was kept for 4 years. Of course there are some times when I stop writing. But anyway updating blog posts itself are kept for 4 years. I’m now considering keep blogging is difficult and tough work. But I found an practical article for keep blogging. This post describes the motivation and mentality for keep blogging.

Want to blog? Read this

I totally agree with him. I thought there is no one who cares what I wrote even I kept writing 4 years. So I don’t have any fear to publishing contents. I posted not only useful posts (I thought at least!) but also wasted, rubbish contents. Anyway no one cares. I received responses rarely. No access growing, no criticism. So please don’t care what you are writing if you want to keep blogging. No one cares.

Just Practice

As the author of this article, English is my second language. So there are a lot of grammatical mistakes in my blog. The reason why I’m writing my blog in English is practice. Writing a lot of Engligh documents can contribute my English skill improvement. I’m not sure I could improve my English writing, but I can write articles in English without any mental barrier in short time. That might be the one I obtained after writing in English.

So what I want to write here is don’t care what you are writing!