Though I have longed for Always on SSL in this site, I hesitated to do that because it looks troublesome and cost me some money. Yesterday, I found a nice article about enabling Always on SSL on GitHub Pages.

“Move to GitHub Pages” by takuti

Thanks to Cloudflare, we can easily enable Always on SSL on our GitHub Pages for free. The instruction was super very easy. Assuming we already have GitHub Pages repository with custom domain.

Register you site in Cloudflare

After you created an account in Cloudflare, you should register your site.

Add Website

Cloudflare automatically extract necessary information like DNS records. So please wait for a moment.

Change name server on Route53

My registrar and name server is hosted by AWS Route53. So it was necessary to update name server configuration on Route53 next. We need to change two points in Route53.

  • NS record of the hosted zone
  • Name server of registrar

Please change the NS record of your hosted zone and don’t forget the name server of registrar. I forgot that:). Click the Registered domains and Add or edit name servers. You can update the name servers with given cloudflare name servers.

Change here

Set configuration on Cloudflare

We need to wait for up to several hours. In my case only several minutes.

  • SSL: Set Flexible because between GitHub and Cloudflare cannot communicate in SSL
  • Confirm Edge Certificates has universal SSL certificates.
  • Page Rules: Add rule to redirect http://<Your Domain> to Always to Use HTTPS

Please wait for a while, you can see your connection to the site is through SSL.

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