I usually use two text editors or IDE. One is IntelliJ IDEA for developing Java and Scala project mainly. My day work focus on writing Java or Scala so IntelliJ IDEA is the best environment I’ve ever used. I’ve used it for more than 3 years.

The only pain point of IntelliJ IDEA is the time to launch. It usually takes about 30 seconds to be ready. If it take 30 seconds every time I write a simple script or edit a yaml configuration file, it must be stressful for me. So that is the reason why I use secondary text editor to edit simple script or light file like configs.

For about a year, I have used Atom as secondary editor. It was easy to use and lightweight. And also it provided me several useful features by plugins. It was easy to write plugin of Atom too. Actually I wrote a Atom plugin for syntax highlighting *.dig file. BTW, Digdag is a distributed workflow engine mainly developed by Treasure Data.

Since Atom provides CLI tool called apm (Atom Package Manager), it was great experience to write a plugin and publish it.

But why did I move to Sublime Text?

Slow launching

I liked the speed of Atom very much but now Atom (at least to me) does not provide sufficient speed of launching, editing and saving of a file as it did. Especially, after I installed several plugins and themes, I could not use Atom as lightweight simple text editor because it took 15+ seconds to be ready. I double the plugins I installed. But after removed some of them, the experience of using Atom was not improved.

Sublime Text is better?

I am not sure. Only 1 month has been passed since I started using Sublime Text. Currently I installed minimum required plugins such as clang-format, TypeScript. So it is kept light for now. If several changes in core or plugins cause slow experience, I may change the secondary editor again.