There are a lot of reasons to write a blog respectively. Some people may write a blog for advertising their business, another may write as their hobby. It totally depends on the writer. Everyone can write their blogs freely. In case of mine?

Regarding me, I’m writing this blog to keep some learnings obtained from my software engineering experience. As we forget the code we wrote several month ago, we also often forget what we learned about coding style, library API, development process and so on. We are not perfect. We usually forget a lot of things everyday. Our brain does seletion of our memory without talking with us! It must be very sad to forget something which I learn by my own hard work.

In addition to this, we may not be able to get a chance to learn same thing again. And we may not be able to solve the same problem by using what we learned. That must make things worse. I think we, software engineer, must keep learning a lot of things around computer science, software engineering because the evolution of technology can easily left us behind. We need to keep cathing up with many things as much as possible without losing them.

My blog helps me keep what I learn. As we did in school, taking a notebook is a nice way to keep our learnings in a long term. We often reviewed it for an examination when I was at a school. Same approach is valid too. Writing what I learn in my blog has several advantages over taking a paper notebook.

  • Code Snippet: Writing a code on a paper is troublesome. No syntax highlight, no copy and paste. It is much better to write a code on a computer than on a paper.
  • Reviewed from everywhere: This blog is published on the internet. I can review the content from my home, on train and office.
  • Portable: This blog is written in simple markdown rendered by Jekyll. It does not prevent the blog from migrating to other hosting site. That is also much better to bring my notebooks everytime I move.

the software engineering notebook reminded me of the reason why I keep writing this blog. So I’ll keep writing this blog in the future.