Since the last year, I kept contributing TensorFlow.js. Though it’s initially named deeplearnjs, it was included in the family of the TensorFlow project. You can look into the detail of what was going on in the initial project here.

Yesterday, I was awarded Google Peer Bonus Program thanks to the contribution to the project. As far as I remember, the contributions I made was related to implementation of optimizers and simple ops.


TensorFlow is one of the most interesting project I’ve ever seen because I believe artificial intelligence and machine learning is the most exciting field in the computer science relating area. But TensorFlow itself is a huge and complicated project and it was difficult for me to start contributing to TensorFlow core. That’s the reason why I started looking into TensorFlow.js project. TensorFlow.js was easy to read and it enabled me to run the custom code easily on my browser. That was so joyful experience to write some code to TensorFlow.js project that I could keep contributing. Of course I want to improve the TensorFlow.js further.

Anyway, I am very glad to receive such a great award. Very appreciated to Daniel Smilkov and Nikhil Thorat for giving me such a chance.