Finally, I got my third book published. As well as the previous books, Bleedng Edge Press helped us write the book. About 6 months ago, I got a email from the editor in Bleeding Edge Press. They tried to publish a book about deep learning then. I was a contributor of TensorFlow.js and also had some knowledge about the deep learning algorithms. I decided to write the book. Although there are a lot of books about deep learning, not so many books are written for both learning deep learning and browser application. I know that many people who are dedicated to developing web applications are pretty interested in machine learning and deep learning. I believed the topic can be attractive sufficiently to these people.

“Deep Learning in the Browser” is the book for such person. Quote says,

This book is at the crossroads of web development and deep learning. Both technologies are beginning to meet, and this honeymoon will produce new fantastic applications that you cannot even imagine yet. In this book you will see how to concretely use the main JavaScript deep learning frameworks and web programming in the browser with the capture of inputs and the WebGL implementation. Deep learning in the browser is currently at an embryonic stage, but this is the best time to bet on it before it becomes a giant, and this book will get you in on the action.

This book covers following topics.

  • Basics of deep learning and web applications
  • Detail of WebGL
  • Usage of modern browser deep learning framework like TensorFlow.js, WebDNN and Keras.js
  • Sample web applications leveraged by deep learning

This book is available as ebook in the official site in Bleeding Edge Presso and Amazon.

I greatly appreciated to my coauthors, Xavier Bourry, Christoph Körner, Reiichiro Nakano. They reviewed my poor English article and found quite a few mistakes I made. Without their help, this book cannot achieve this kind of impressive quality. I cannot say thank you to them enough.

And I also have to say thank you to Bleeding Edge Press for giving me another chance to write a technical book.


image: Sharon McCutcheon