One thing I have found difficult again is that keep updating the blog constantly. Writing a blog post is a time-consuming work to me even now. If I am busy or have trouble in my life, keep updating blog post shows up to me as a low priority task because it is no obligation to me. It does not produce money. Even I forget to write the post, nobody cares. But it still takes some amount of time to complete a blog post. One reason I take so much time to write is writing in English. It’s not my mother tongue. Every time I start writing, it is inevitable to bring my dictionary (a.k.a Google) and check grammatical error. I’m a still English learner.

So I decided to start another blog in Japanese.


This is the challenge this year to keep updating both blogs and will compare how it is improved by writing in Japanese at the end of this year. I hope they are both attractive to readers.