AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is a service allowing us to manage the complexity around SSL/TLS certificates such as creating, storing, and renewing. ACM handles almost all operational complexity on our behalf to concentrate on the essential application development. That is a massive benefit of using the service if you want to provide a safe web service using SSL/TLS. (Of course, all websites should use SSL/TLS as default)

The other day, I encountered a situation where ACM showed up the error message like:

Request failed The status of this certificate request is “Failed”. Additional verification is required to request certificates for one or more domain names in this request.

The certificate request failed. What’s that? I usually pass the verification process without any trouble. So what do I need to do to deal with the additional verification process?

The forum gave me a clear answer.

Usually, this error appears when an ACM certificate request contains a domain listed under the Alexa Top 1000 domains. This process is in place to prevent abuse.

Indeed, the target domain I have requested the certificate for is listed in the top 1000 in the Alex ranking at the time. :) Therefore, we rarely see such a situation unless you have an extensive popular domain in the world.

The only way to resolve the issue is to file a support ticket to ask AWS to put our domain in the whitelist. That seems to work as the additional verification in this case. AWS support team will promptly respond to your problem, and your certificate will be issued once the ticket is closed.