I have never been so highly motivated after reading this book.

I found this book very interesting not because of its learning method for foreign languages as the title indicates, but because of the experiences he had through studying various kinds of foreign languages.

The author was born before the war in the country, which was more disconnected than ever. I cannot imagine how much challenge he had experienced to obtain the resources to learn foreign languages and a chance to have communication with the people coming from overseas. But it may not have been as easy as now, where we can quickly get access to any language via the Internet with ignorable cost.

A couple of anecdotes he encountered at his young age through the process of learning languages entertained me. They gave me a lot of inspiration, leading me to study more foreign languages. The episode I liked the best was the voice from overseas through the radio he made by hand. He built the radio based on the circuit diagram he had found in the book. The sound contained various languages and was still hard to listen to due to the noise. But I am genuinely envious of the excitement he experienced at that time. The hardship sometimes can play a role of a bit of the spice among the brightness of the achievement. That may be what we will never be able to experience nowadays in a world where we can quickly reach everything we want.