I found an interesting fact about the word order in Spanish when I read the book about the Spanish grammar. When we use ser or estar which are corresponding to ‘be’ in English, the word order is different from English, which might not be surprising to some people already. In the English lesson at the school, I have learned the word order of the sentence is SVC (Subject-Verb-Complement) when we use ‘be’ verb. Therefore, we can say

This soup is good.

However, in Spanish, the word order is generally VCS (Verb-Complement-Subject).

Está buena la sopa.

Looks like the verb is always regarded as the most important part of the sentence in Spanish even if it’s just a ‘be’ verb. When we want to say the sentence in SVO order, we can say

(Yo) Compro la sopa.

which is in the same order as English. That is gramatically correct as well. Therefore, the word order is not always VCS. When we want to emphasize the subject, we can say

La sopa está buena.

Spanish seems to be more flexible to the order of the sentence than English. That’s what I found interesting in Spanish language when it comes to the difference from other languages like English.