• Too Many Open Files with fluent-logger

    We tend to use fluentd (td-agent) to keep the access log of the service persistently. Fluentd is one of the most reliable and flexible middleware to collect various kinds of application logging. We can quickly broaden the target of logging by using many types of plugins maintained by the community.... [Read More]
  • Return std::make_unique from function?

    If you are an expert in modern C++, you must be familiar with the move semantics of C++. Move semantics provides us a chance to improve the performance by eliminating the unnecessary copy of the object, introduced in C++11. If your code contains a large object and sees the time... [Read More]
  • Clear Docker Buildx Cache

    You might have encountered a situation where you cannot build the latest Docker image when using the Buildx. If so, you may find this article helpful to give you a little insight into your question, “Why I keep seeing the stale image in the list!”. [Read More]
  • Presto Docker Container with Graviton 2 Processor

    I recently tried to run Presto on Arm architecture system to evaluate how it can cost-effectively achieve faster performance as part of my work. Thanks to AWS, we can make use of server machines having Arm processors such as Graviton 1/2. We have succeeded in experimenting without having much difficulty.... [Read More]