The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Split string in Java

There are a lot of time to split string type when you are writing program. Of course in Java. Although I already know split method in String can be applied to this case, I misunderstood how to use it. My initial code is below. public class Split { public static void main(String[] args) { String s = ""; Read more

The first time to Kanto CV

Yesterday, I went to my alma mater in order to attend a seminar, Kanto CV seminar. I always applied to this seminar but I failed because it was too late. Therefore this is the first time for me. Kanto CV is about computer vision as its name suggests. Recently computer vision technologies looks overwhelmed by deep learning. (In fact I don’t th... Read more

Optimized shift work

Previously I received a request from my wife about optimization of shift work in restaurant where she is working. At ordinal Japanese family restaurant, the shift table is created by owner’s hand. This is very troublesome when you have to satisfy not only the members’s requirements but also the sutainability of business of your restaurant. This ... Read more

Report about #maths4pg 3

The other day, we were running a seminar called “The math learning seminar for all programmers”. This was the third time. The first time was the beginning of this year. This seminar keeps attracting a lot of people in spite of the deepness and difficulties of mastering maths. The field covered in the seminar was always very vast and interesting.... Read more

Replace string in command line

In daily development and operation, there are some times to replace string with command line. For example, $ cat hostlist.txt These hostlist fil... Read more