• Maven Wrapper Home

    Maven wrapper is a library to make maven build easy. You do not need to install maven manually thanks to maven wrapper because it automatically install the specific maven version into your project. Since I usually use gradle wrapper and sbt-extras, it was very easy to use maven wrapper as... [Read More]
  • Radix Sort in Python

    Radix sort is a sorting algorithm. This algorithm is efficient if we already know the range of target values. The time complexity of the algorithm is \(O(nk)\). \(n\) is the size of the input list and \(k\) is the digit length of the number. For example, The digit length of... [Read More]
  • Gave a talk at TFUG #6

    In this week, I gave a talk at TensorFlow User Group meetup in Tokyo. I have wanted to attend this meetup for a long time but kept falling in lottery to attend :( So in this time, I decided to give a talk about deep learning and TensorFlow because a... [Read More]