The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Using Source Code Pro

I have used Ricty as my main programming fonts for about two years. This is one of the best fonts I’ve ever used for programming. However when I started using powerline, Ricty for powerline cannot be shown properly. Some garbles are occurred in my console. So in this time, I also changed my main font to Source Code Pro provided by Adobe. This is... Read more

Convert to Spacemacs

My main text editor is emacs currently. I have used for about 4 years. The first touch to emacs for me was a class on the exercise about programming language C/C++ and Scheme. At that time, emacs fit my hand and teach me the joy of programming. The extensibility of emacs gives us not only the power to hack but also the troublesome handworks of c... Read more

Reading Drill

The other day, I gave a presentation at #bq_sushi about Apache Drill. I had totally no experience of using Google BigQuery. But in this year I am very interested in SQL engine as a pipeline in lambda architecture. I have some knowledge and experience of realtime processing and batch layer such as Storm and Hadoop. So it might also be necessary t... Read more

Drill Cookbook

Recently I read Apache Drill documents, source code and paper. My major task and interest were focused on realtime processing and Hadoop resource management. So I have no knowledge about adhoc query platforms in spite of the fact that I am a big data developer.So in this chance I decided to learn more about SQL platforms which are build on Hadoo... Read more

Generate API doc with Sphinx

Have you ever use Sphinx to create beautiful documentation in your project? Although I have heard about Sphinx and usefulness of it before, this is the first experience for me. In my case, I want to generate an API documentation of my python project. If you create API documentation by your hand, it must be very troublesome. So I decided to deleg... Read more