• Sign your Git commit with SSH key

    I used the GPG key to sign my Git commit. This is because it’s beneficial to show my commit’s identity and authenticity publicly. The signed commit, appropriately associated with the email registered in GitHub, will get the verified mark in the UI. [Read More]
  • Enable the schedule without backfill in Digdag

    What differentiates the general workflow framework from the cron is how they manage the idempotency and consistency of the executions. Cron does not have any mechanism to ensure the identity of the execution. Therefore, those using cron should not expect higher-level semantics like exactly-once. Workflow frameworks like Digdag provides granular... [Read More]
  • How store-to-load forwarding works in MLIR

    I don’t know the origin of store-to-load forwarding terminology, but major processors and compilers widely employ this technique. According to this blog, the store-to-load forwarding forwards the data which is assumed to be in the cache by the store operation in advance to the load operation, which depends on the... [Read More]