The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Write Octopress article on Two machines

By accident, I got MacPro. This is my first desktop machine in my life. I usually use notebook or laptop machine because there were a lot of time to bring my machine outside. But now I found it is very confortable to use it, large size display, high spec for processing and sufficient amount of capacity. I want to write Octopress article on ... Read more

Build Hadoop on MacOSX

I am not a veteran Java developer. I don’t understand the detail of Java development environment such as build tool or some type of libraries. Today, I realised that I need to develop or understand architecture of Hadoop. Hadoop seems to use some kind of Java development tools. Maven, ProtocolBuffer, CMake and so on. So in this article I want to... Read more

Noblesse Oblige in Silicon Valley

To be honest, I don’t know clearly because it’s B2B company and I cannot see that existence on daily work. Though now I cannot grasp whole picture of this company yet, I want to write about charity and donation in US. I think social security policy in US is worse than that in Japan. Especially, cost of medical care looks very e... Read more

Living in Silicon Valley

I am not living in SF. My house is at Tokyo, Japan now. Moreover it’s the first time to visit Silicon Valley. I don’t know what I can understand from what I saw, what I felt and who I met. So it’s my review time for this trip and make use of this to know how I should live. There are 3 points. We were all only users In Japan, the number of tec... Read more

Case class for Swift

Last week, Apple new programming language Swift was released. From that time I keep considering Swift looks like Scala language. Scala has two sides as object-oriented-language and functional-programming-language. So there are many features you should learn from scala. One of the most powerful feature of scala is pattern matching. This feature i... Read more