• Machine Learning on ECS

    On the other day, I had a chance to try ECS (Amazon EC2 Container Service). ECS is a container management service provides by AWS. Though I heard about it and thought it must be useful, there were some points to be cared as usual. This is the note for the... [Read More]
  • WireMock in Scala

    Mock server which handles HTTP request is useful component for testing HTTP client library. Since it emulates the handling logic of HTTP request artificially, we can verify our HTTP client without relying external service. [Read More]
  • t-SNE visualization by TensorFlow

    From TensorFlow 0.12, it provides the functionality for visualizing embedding space of data samples. It’s useful for checking the cluster in embedding by your eyes. Embedding means the way to project a data into the distributed representation in a space. This technique is often used NLP method and famous by... [Read More]
  • Tensorflow Ops

    Tensorflow is a famous library for creating deep learning models. We can run efficient deep learning algorithms in Google scale. But it’s more GENERAL library than you thought. I have found that in this lessons. So I want to write several useful tips about Tensorflow Ops. [Read More]