The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Autoencoder with node.js

Auto encoder is used for deep learning. Auto encoder extract characteristics of data through unsupervised learning. This is a kind of newral network. By using an auto encoder, you don’t have to be in trouble with choicing extracting algorithm, or doing yourself. Therefore, in deepleanring field, this algorithm is used very actively. There are m... Read more

Idiomatic Python ~I will write with this style~

I read a book, Writing Idiomatic Python Although I usually write python codes, I have not paid attension to the style of these codes. By reading this book, I have noticed that there are pythonic style in python codes. And I think it was good mind to write python code. There were many Halmful, Idiomaric phrases about python code. So I’d like to i... Read more

Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2014

On January 14-15, I participated Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2014. Though this conference cost me a little more than I can afford it, it was great time to me as scrum master in my project. I want to arrange the contents of these sessions, but as there were many sessions it is hard to me. So in this entry, I cite one scrum example after another whic... Read more

Hack Tessel!

<meta property=”og:image” content=”” /> Yesterday, I got a tessel. With twists and turns, I overcome some obstacles for hacking this tiny but not little possibility board. So writing this post. First and unfortunately, these client modules are only used for beta... Read more

Text Formatting Examples

Markdown Support As always, Jekyll offers support for GitHub Flavored Markdown, which allows you to format your posts using the Markdown syntax. Examples of these text formatting features can be seen below. You can find this post in the _posts directory. Basic Formatting With Markdown, it is possible to emphasize words by making them italiciz... Read more