The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Reference configuration library in nodejs

I made npm module at the end of this year, readonly. lewuathe/readonly @GitHub readonly @npm readonly is a simple reference restriction library between custom modules in node object. When you want to configure access control of specific object from respective modules, this is good option. For example, you made two modules, both use the same o... Read more

How to start KrakenJS

In this november, Paypal released KrakenJS which is web application framework based on Connect, Express. I had a chance to using this framework at the ending of this year. So I want to inform the facility of this framwork. This article was written for Node.js advent calendar 24th day. Please read previous articles. Get... Read more

Making custom segue

In developing iOS application, have you wanted to make your own cutomized segue? UIKit provides bare segues such as push, modal, popover and replace. These are useful in any situations. But sometimes I want to make my own transition. So, I wrote down some tips for making your own custom animation used by segue. Make custom segue class In Xcode... Read more

Making Jenkins widget plugin

This article was written for Jenkins Advent Calendar 14th day. Making Jenkins plugin Have you ever made Jenkins plugin? This is about my experience developing Jenkins plugin. I have not written Java ever, and of course didn’t know how to make maven projects. So while writing plugin codes, I went this way and that, googling and trying code sni... Read more

Agile Samurai Basecamp in Tokyo <2>

This entry follows previous post. The practical methods about TDD are explained in this section. And also, it is written as an article of TDD advent calendar on 10th day. How to start TDD? Takuto Wada(twada) The left wing of agile is what about team environment, management, scrum, iteration and standup meeting. On the other hand, the right wi... Read more