The First Cry of Atom

Light way to remove whitespace in PostgreSQL

We might have the experience to remove the white space in the string recorded in PostgreSQL. There is a function TRIM, but it only removes the white space on the left/right side of the string. How can we do that when we want to omit the whitespace in the middle of the given string? REGEXP_REPLACE is available to replace any string with the regu... Read more

Visualize COVID-19 situation in Japan

Visualization often provides us a vivid image to grasp the situation at a glance. It is one of the recommended ways as a starting point of more in-depth understanding and investigation in general. COVID-19 keeps spreading all around the world. The number of infectious cases is growing, especially in Europe. That challenge will keep going on for... Read more

Open Dataset for COVID-19

The epicenter of the outbreak of COVID-19 moves to Europe in these weeks. The situation is still highly unpredictable. We need to manage to keep away from the threat of the COVID-19. Washing hands properly and staying away from the crowded area is our duty to stop the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, many scientific efforts are happening to dea... Read more

COVID-19 dynamics with SIR model

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) brought considerable turmoil all around the world. Although the number of new patients in the mainland Child is restrained, the other countries are still struggling with the increasing number of new cases. I sincerely hope the situation will get better soon. At the same time, I am interest... Read more

Launch Your Own Presto Cluster with Terraform

Launching a distributed system is not an easy task, unlike the simple command-line tools or desktop application. It takes time to install software and prepare the server instances. There are many automation tools to make it easy to launch a complicated system in public cloud services like AWS. Terraform is a tool to enable us to achieve infrastr... Read more