The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Completed 'Parallel Programming' at Cousera

Last week I completed “Parallel Programming” course at Cousera. Since it was just before the vacation, I was a little busy to complete assignments. I’m relieved that I can finish the course. The reason why I started the course was I wanted to improve my Scala programming skill and understanding about the parallel programming notions in Scala.... Read more

Don't forget export

I made a mistake to set environment variable in zshrc. ENV_VARIABLE1=var1 ENV_VARIABLE2=var2 But as you know it doesn’t work. Please don’t forget export. export ENV_VARIABLE1=var1 export ENV_VARIABLE2=var2 Read more

Data Scramble in OLAP

Data scrambling is the process to obfuscate or remove sensitive data like email address or password. This process is irreversible so that the original data cannot be derived from the scrambled data. Data scrambling can be utilized only during the cloning process. So there are two key points in data scrambling I think. Unable to read original... Read more

Bulk install with APM

There are a lot of packages of Atom text editor. You can customize your Atom by using official packages or third party packages. But how do you manage the list of packages? There is a way which looks similar to requirements file of pip. First you can dump all APM packages you installed. $ apm list --installed --bare [email protected] atom-... Read more

Guava ImmutableMap (implicit?) limitation

Following the last time, I found a new trivial thing about Guava usage. ImmutableList creates the List which is immutable for you. You can create any length list by using of method. So I thought I can any length ImmutableMap with this analogy. import; Map<String, String> l = ImmutableMap.of( ... Read more