• When to use var in Java 10

    Java 10 officially introduced the var keyword to declare the local variable without typing the type information. Java developers have needed to keep typing the class name explicitly for a long time. [Read More]
  • ALB Listener Rule with Terraform

    Terraform is one of the heavily-used infrastructure tool in my daily work recently. It allows us to write the wireframe of the cloud infrastructure we use by simple configuration language called HCL. Thanks to that, we can safely modify the underlying infrastructure and quickly track the history of the change.... [Read More]
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    Dependency Inject (DI) is one of the most notable practices to create reliable and high-quality software. This effort enables us to keep the extensibility without losing readability and testability. You may have encountered a situation where you would want to replace any objects in the software flexibly like me. Many... [Read More]
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    ActiveRecord in Rails provides a way called scope to keep the readability along with encapsulating the detail of the business logic in the model class. It enables us to add a more intuitive interface to the model so that we can quickly call the scoped method without caring about the... [Read More]