The First Cry of Atom Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Introduction to Airframe

Do you have any experience of using DI container framework for your Scala project? The most famous DI container frameworks is Google Guice. This library is widely adapted in enterprise and open source community. Since it is defact standard library, it is the best option to select Guice as your DI framework in Java project. How about Scala pro... Read more

Serialization in Hive UDAF

Serialization of Java sometimes complex and difficult to understand for me. I’ve read Effective Java and javadoc of JDK SE api docs. So I knew I understood the basic concept of serialization of Java object. But I have faced to a problem when I wrote Hive UDAF. This might be a problem every people encountered when they try to write Hive UDAF. So ... Read more

Read Python Machine Learning

I’ve finished reading this book. Though this is written in English originally, I read the translated version. As written in review in Amazon, the book explains not only theoretical side of machine learning but also practical code. Moreover the balance of these two side was appropriate for me. Most books about machine learning can only tell ... Read more

Build Presto on OSX

As described here, we cannot run Presto package build on OSX. Mainly it was caused by JNI side issue and machine architecture. I knew the issue from Issue 3849. It looks like you’re running on ppc64. Presto only supports x86_64 on Linux (required for bundled Hadoop JNI libraries) and has many assumptions about the architecture being little e... Read more

Multi node Presto cluster on docker

Recently I’m getting started using Presto. This is a distributed SQL query engine like Hive. I’m working on Hadoop, Hive until now. So I have though there are a lot of similarity between Hive and Presto. This is almost true in terms of user interface and SQL syntax. But Presto does not depend on Hadoop distributed architecture. Resource scheduli... Read more